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Cool Hijabs from Heliza Helmi Hijab


Dear friends, in Malaysia, Heliza Helmi is one of the well known artist cum entrepreneur and she is, alhamdulillah a nice hijabi. I like this young celebrity because she still can maintain her hijab before and during her busy career. As a celebrity, she is really well known and has become an idol to many youngsters.

If you want to know more about her, just Google ‘Heliza Helmi’ and I’m sure you’ll find so many links about her. Anyway, today, I saw her new hijabs collection. MashaAllah! They are very nice, pretty, modest, aurah compliance and maybe I can say, multi-functional.

Just take a look yourself.

Source: Heliza Helmi Facebook

Another way to use the hijab is as a prayer garment or 'telekung'.

The one above is the one that I like best because it can be wrap and make a niqab too. Thank you Sister Heliza for this creative design. I think it will become very attractive to niqabis all around the globe.

Source: Heliza Helmi Facebook


You can imitate her in wrapping the hijab to get the style however it’s still depend on your own preference. My only wish is that, the material is thick enough to cover.

And…. who is Heliza Helmi? Here she is,

Source: Heliza Helmi Facebook

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